Public Alpha Release

While we showcase at Cecil Con in North East, MD, we want to share our punk rock parkour platformer Runaway with the world, so we have released a demo for all to download and enjoy at home. This build features previews of three styles of play: a single-player narrative mode, a time trial mode for up to 4 players, and 8 competitive and team-based modes for 2-4 players. Since our private alpha a month and a half ago, we have been hard at work to give Runaway veterans new content to explore so everything stays fresh; with that goal, we are happy to debut a new level, a singleplayer experiment into the narrative-focused campaign called "Jungles". The objective is simple: cover up the Zeros logo on two signs. This is the closest we've come so far to our overall goal of a narrative campaign. In addition to the main objective, we've sprinkled around a few extra secrets for players to find. We hope this will encourage replayability without forcing the player to stop every two seconds. After all, who would want to do that in a game about speed?

Have questions or comments as you're playing?  We invite you to our Discord server, where we hope to get as much feedback as we can. We'll also include below links to some different resources to get in touch with us:






Thank you all so much for playing, and have a great time!

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Apr 13, 2019

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