Build 3113 Changelog

While at Cecil Con today, we spent a lot of time hunting down and fixing up the bugs as they pop out of the woodwork! It took some heavy artillery, but things have cleared up. We've posted an updated version of the game with build name "3113b,"  so make sure to download that if you haven't already. In case you're unsure which build version you're using,  you can look at the name of the folder you're using or at the top-left corner when playing the game. Both should say the name of the build. The changes we've made in this build are:

  • Added a command line argument when launching the game to enable showcase mode (so we don't have to make separate builds for showcases and downloads anymore)
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard when entering your name in Playground Time Trial
  • Fixed an invisible slope spawning at the center of the level
  • Fixed certain keys on on-screen keyboard not clicking
  • Fixed erratic movement on slopes: not sticking to the ground when going down, slight hops when going up, and slowly sliding down when standing still
  • Fixed player being able to move when using Options menu from main menu
  • Fixed description text not displaying when first loading menus (like level selection or game mode selection)
  • Fixed Quit Game button not working in pause menu
  • Fixed Capture the Flag mode being called "Time Trial" in Gang Wars game mode selection
  • Assorted bug fixes specific to the showcase mode

We're really sorry about any problems you have faced when trying to play and appreciate your support through this. Please let us know here or on Twitter, Instagram, or Discord if you encounter any other issues. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on your experience so we can make Runaway the best it can possibly be, so please take a few minutes to fill out this survey after you finish playing!

Thank you, and keep running!

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Apr 13, 2019

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